Management Consulting

Corporate Vision, Business Strategy, Midterm Business Plan, New Business Plan

Building Midterm Business Plan

Master of Business Planning. I have a lot of experience in supporting the development of various kinds of business plans.
For example, Seminars, Advisory to Corporate Planning Office, Workshops for Project Team Members. We can also act as a Facilitator in Company Meetings. See Experience Page

Mission Statement Drafting or Revision

We can support your organization to draft a new Mission Statement or to revise your existing one.
Support Offered: Management / Project Team Adviser or Facilitation

Corporate Vision Setting

Corporate Vision should give clear future image to your company people . However, most of them are just conceptual. We can help you set up very visual and inspiring corporate vision by applying our unique "Vision Story" method.

Business Strategy Support

We can help you build your Corporate Strategy, Business Strategies, and Functional Strategies by applying our VSSF. VSSF is our original Vision-Strategy Set-up Framework.

New Business Plan Buildup Support

We can support your New Business Idea Generation, Building New Business Plan, and New Business Proposal System based on our experience in supporting new businesses over many years.

Business Training (Both in English and Japanese)

For New Officers, Middle Managers, Leaders
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Midterm Business Plan Workshop

Attendees will learn how to think and approach midterm business planning. They will learn how to have a corporate vision and develop business strategies and activities that will support that vision in this workshop.
You can set up main points of the midterm business plan of your organization.

Vision Story Workshop

You can draw your organization's(Corporate Level or Divisional Level) vision of the future in the form of story. It will give you a clear and desirable image of the future.
You can also use it to build strategies and measures to actualize that vision.

Basic Seminars for Business Strategy and Business Planning

By introducing the most up-to-date theories and examples of business strategies and business plans, you can get the idea of how to give shape to them.

New Business Workshop

You can learn new business planning from the beginning. You can also experience generating ideas, structuring your business, and building business plans based on your own ideas.

Reform Proposal Workshop

You can learn how to develop reform proposals for your company or for your organization. First Stage: Problem Finding. Second Stage: Causal Chain Analysis. Third Stage: Solution Seeking. Fourth Stage: Shaping-up Measures.Fifth Stage: Action Planning.
A Presentation session can be held.


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