Name:Yoshinori Iguchi : Management Consultant and Business Trainer

Birth Place:Nakatsugawa City,Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Academic Background:BA in Sociology at Univ. of Tokyo, MBA from Univ. of Chicago Booth School of Business
Work Experience:
Established Office Iguchi in 2008, and became Independent
Representative Director of Universal Y Net(Current)
Visiting Professor at Chuo University, Graduate School of Business(Current), teach Group Management Strategy of Large Corporation
Part-time Lecturer at Rikkyo University, Graduate School of Business(2011-2016), teach MBA English to Graduate Students in English
INITIA Consulting, Executive Director, Management Consulting and Training
Future Architect, Officer, Business Consulting
Sanwa Research Institute (MURC), Chief Consultant, Management Consulting. 
100 Projects in 10 years.
Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd., Information Systems, Overseas Planning

Why did I become management consultant?:

I love Japanese manufacturing industry and I found work first with Nissan Motors. I was in charge of the mid-term management planning in the Overseas Planning Department. When I was ordered to draft a mid-term management plans in around one week by my boss – I replied, “OK I will give it a try.” I worked on it for a week and when I handed it to my boss, he said “Thank you. It’s a good job!” My draft plan became the official plan without discussion or revision. A question lingered in my mind. Was it the best way?
Several years later, it became obvious to all that Nissan did not go well. Subsequently, I realized that it was important that major changes like mid-term business plans should be thoroughly discussed within a company until people agree to all the details that affect them. I left Nissan sometime before Mr. Carlos Ghosn became the CEO of the company.
While I worked for Nissan, I was nominated as a project member with McKinsey & Co. for a North American product / market strategy project. It was a very important project for Nissan at that time because Nissan received a major profit from the North American market and the yen appreciation to the US dollar was reducing it. We had to determine out a good solution from this project. The project office was located in Los Angeles. I stayed there with the US staff for months. All the discussion and materials were in English. I could handle English from my time at the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business. The project was tough. I often argued with the project leader, a Stanford MBA graduate, concerning the process and the details of the solutions. In the mean time, I found it interesting to be a consultant. Consultants can work for various companies in various industrial sectors. I felt I was capable enough to be a management consultant. I decided to become a management consultant at that time. However, McKinsey people said they could not scout from a client company. I decided to join the Sanwa Research Institute, which was setting up a consulting group for large corporations. I made use of my mid-term business plan drafting skills learned at Nissan after I joined the firm and did various mid-term business plan drafting projects. By experiencing various projects, I wanted to complete my knowledge as a sort of ‘graduation thesis’. Then I wrote "How to build / How to use a midterm business plan" for businessmen. The book became the best seller in this category and kept that position more than a decade. I often hear "I read this book" or "We used it for the current midterm business plan" when I meet corporate planning staff from various companies.

Why do I use storytelling?:
I have been a management consultant for 20 years. During that period, I have always been worried whether our customers could put our proposals into practice. Accordingly, I came across a method of storytelling. My clients’ reactions changed dramatically when the storytelling method was used. They were able to understand the meaning of our proposals and they could implement them willingly. I was surprised to see the difference. I developed several applications of storytelling in business and my clients and my students enjoy them.

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