Frameworks for Corporate Strategy

July 2011, Publication Division of Sanno Institute of Management
Co-author Mr. Takeshi Hioki, Management consultant, and Prof.
Hisamitsu Ihara of Toyo Gakuen University.
Introduction to 50 corporate strategy frameworks, e.g. competitive strategy, blue ocean strategy, with corporate cases related to each framework. Should be useful to business persons who are interested in strategy building. Vision Story is included in one of those with an example story.

How to Build a Midterm Business Plan

中期経営計画の立て方・使い方―3年で会社を強くする! すぐに使える書き方見本・解説付き (実務担当者のための問題解決BOOK) (CD-ROM付)
New Edition, March2008, Original Edition 1999,Kanki-Publishing
This book tells you both concepts and methodologies of midterm business plan. It covers from mission statement revision, setting vision, domain expansion, business strategy building,business plan. It offers series of 22 worksheets to fill in(with fulled in sample). CD-ROM with Excel Sheets is attached. The best seller book in the category of midterm business plan.

Companies Got Better in This Way : Problem Solving Techiques of Management Consultant

Business consulting case book in storytelling style. True stories are presented that the author experienced. By following those processes you can grasp the idea of what management consulting is. You also can enjoy decision making processes the author actually faced. "Which option do you choose?"

How to Build a New Business Plan from Nothing

CD-ROM付 ゼロからわかる 事業計画書の作り方
Indtroductory book for beginners. You can start from generating busines ideas, and continue to structure business way, to give shape to marketing mix, and end up with precise businee plan. CD-ROM with Business Plan Spread Sheets is attached.

Consolidated Group Management Strategy Text


1999, JMAM
Various issues related to reforming Japanese big enterprises arecovered. Full of business cases.

Procedures and Practices of Public Offering


2000, Kanki-Pub
Introductory and practical book for those who are preparing public offerings. Easy to understand and convenient to use.

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